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Madera PinoSoria is a leader in high-quality structural wood supply. Our signature: monitoring and control of our raw material right from the source to the end product.

All the timber we produce originates in the pine forests of Soria and Burgos in central Spain. These expanses are home to a long tradition of forestry, enviable ecological conditions and a deep commitment to sustainable forest management, all of which have played a part in earning the area the designation ‘Model Forest of Urbión’.

Our wood is 100% PEFC-certified and boasts the Pino Soria Burgos Mark, a recognized seal of quality that guarantees the wood’s origins, the sustainability of our forest felling practices and the quality of our product. The CE marking is affixed to MADERAPINOSORIA’s sawn timber for structural use in strength classes C-22 to C-30.

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