Specialists in wood product design and production

Our human team of specialists uses computerized tools such as AutoCAD and cadwork, as well as the latest in CNC machining technology.

We get involved with projects when they are just getting started in the architect’s studio. Our technical team brings their know-how to the process through guidance so that we can build dreams into reality. We use cadwork to design and visualize the work, define each detail perfectly and foresee potential issues that could come up as the project progresses.

A numerical control machining centre with specialized machinery takes care of production. We can create all kinds of machined devices – dovetail joints, drilling, assembly, moulding and so on – with exact precision to minimize subsequent on-site work.

We supply structures of all sizes. We also make our kit system available to DIY enthusiasts with a wide variety for decks, porches, arbours and pergolas, ready to use.

Engineering and Design

Madera PinoSoria´s support begins in the early phases of the project.

CNC Machining Centre

Our 5-axis numerical control timber processing centre allows us to develop all kinds of machining on structural beams.

Decks, Verandas and Pergolas

Wide catalog of models and possibility of custom manufacturing.