We are leaders in the structural wood industry.
Our wide range of products are renowned for outstanding quality, and foremost among them are Soria’s solid pine timber and fir glulam. Both wood types provide exceptional quality and are highly resistant, which makes them ideal materials for large-scale construction projects. Their aesthetics and the warm ambiance they create also make them good choices for furniture and decorative elements.

What makes our Scots pine so distinctive and special in its sawn wood form is the singular climate of the region where it grows and the genetic quality of these forests.

Professionals with ample technical experience in this line of work procure our pine wood directly from the forest after ensuring lot quality on-site. After the timber is felled and classified, it is dried for subsequent planing, machining, autoclaving or thermo-treatment and staining, depending on its destination. Strict quality regulations are imposed at every step in the work process.

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Glued laminated timber is particularly appropriate for construction elements expected to meet taxing stability or high load demands, or that will be exposed to strong light. We work with HASSLACHER, a prestigious company known for its high quality, production capacity, technological innovations, flexibility and proven reliability.

We also manufacture wood for exterior use, pallets and decorative eaves, and offer a wide variety of panel types: three-layer, formaldehyde-free OSB and single layer panel, among others.

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