A heart of pine

Madera PinoSoria / Maderas MIBA

Rooted in the Pinares region of Soria, Spain, Madera Pinosoria and Maderas MIBA together comprise the leading business group in structural wood supply, setting benchmarks in heritage conservation and preservation. With our lengthy experience in high-quality structural wood production, we know that ensuring the product from its very origins is key, and that’s why we carry out raw materials selection at the source, in the forest itself.

Solutions for construction professionals

Madera PinoSoria provides comprehensive solutions for building with wood:

A passion for wood
passed down for 3 generations

Primo Barrio Martín and his son-in-law Felipe embarked on their journey in the world of wood products when they founded the family sawmill in 1958. 

The family’s third generation solidified the company’s position at the head of the Spanish national market with the creation of Maderas MIBA in 1998 and Madera PinoSoria in 2006, both times under the leadership of brothers Luis Miguel and Santiago.

Madera PinoSoria has acquired its know-how over the course of three generations.

We owe our success as a lead supplier of wood for construction to its human team.

Behind Madera Pinosoria is a team dedicated to learning and continuous improvement.

and contiuous improvement

"Never end a day without having learned something new"

Nature is our essence and cooperating to build a sustainable future is our goal. All of our wood comes from sustainably-managed forests.

Extensive ongoing training in Passivhaus and natural building materials and techniques is part of our drive to continue learning and improving.