and Finishes

Treatments and Finishes

Wood is a natural material, and while the durability of wooden structures primarily depends on good design and the natural durability of the variety of wood used, additional treatments may be applied when necessary to ensure the best results.

The Spanish Building Code regulations and the UNE-EN 335:2013 standard stipulate five different wood use classes. Today, a wide range of treatments and finishes can ensure that a given wood will meet these use class requirements.

The treatments and finishes we use all share common aims: to enhance the wood’s natural stability and durability, and to stave off biotic and abiotic factors.

Madera PinoSoria has autoclaving equipment, and we apply the treatments required for each risk group up to level 4 use class preservation, in addition to non-toxic natural treatments such as WB-1.

Our line of finishes includes water-based options that enhance the performance of several wood varieties, and these finishes come in a wide range of colours.